Summary of Research Posts

By completing 30 analysis posts of existing films, it has given me a clear insight into the codes and conventions of the action thriller genre and therefore what is expected in my short film and two ancillary texts (film review and film poster).

Film Poster Analysis’:

By analysing 10 mainstream film posters, I have been able to identify common themes between them such as having the main character centralised in the poster. Furthermore, many of the posters had a dark colour scheme (such as blacks, greys) with sans-serif white typography to make it stand out. Seven out of the ten posters have a tagline which gives the audience a clearer insight into the narrative such as “The last man on Earth is not alone” from ‘I Am Legend’.

From this, I would like to follow convention by having a dark colour scheme with a white typography to make it stand out and symbolise innocence and purity against darkness and evil. Furthermore, I will have a tag line to give the audience a clearer insight into the short film and therefore draw in the audience and get them to watch the film.

Film Review Analysis’:

The main convention I noticed was the information box at the beginning of the film which included key details about the film and helps the audience identify whether it is a kind of film they will be interested in, such as the director, cast, film duration, certificate rating, release date and the overall plot. However, it doesn’t include the genre of the film which I would like to include in mine.

Furthermore, the image used for the film review is usually a screenshot from the film, giving the audience a clearer insight into the narrative of the film. As well as this, the first line of the article is written using capitalisation which makes the audience believe that the writer is shouting at them, resulting in grabbing their attention. Finally, an overall verdict will help the audience decide whether it is a film they would like to see as it is either positive or negative, depending on the writer’s opinion.

From this, I will focus the analysis on grabbing the audience’s attention at first glance by having a screenshot image from the film and using capitalisation for the first few words, or just drop caps and possibly using one bold colour to make the page stand out.

Short Film Textual Analysis’:

Suspense is very common in thriller short films, whether by having silence or a shot which results in the audience not being able to see what happens and results in the audience being on the edge of their seats throughout. Many different shots and angles are used by predominantly CU’s in order to highlight the character’s facial expressions and LA’s to highlight the protagonist’s vulnerability. However, I’d like to both follow and break this convention by using a wide variety of shots and angles, possibly even a canted angle.

Mise-en-scene is extremely important as it can give away information to the audience visually, whether it’s red high-key lighting conveying that there is danger or the clothes that the character’s are wearing to give the audience an idea into their personality.

From this, I will keep some conventions whilst breaking others, whether by using high-key lighting or different shots. Furthermore, in the narrative they almost always have a plot twist or a cliff hanger which I will include in mine to shock the audience and to keep them hooked.


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