Jet Textual Analysis

When a man is at his lowest point, he sees a young girl get abducted and tries to help her, but is it as it seems?

Textual Analysis:

This film has no dialogue in it, the story is told purely through images and actions.

A WA OTS shot shows a man in a van looking very depressed, furthermore the long shot durations and only ambient sound makes the scene more dramatic and raises questions in the audience’s mind such as “what is he thinking?”. In the next shot it shows him holding a gun to his head, but struggling to pull the trigger and another OTS shot shows a young girl walking by herself, and for some reason making him put the gun down.

An eerie atmosphere is created due to the sound score when another van pulls up and abducts the young girl.  A CU of the male’s face shows shock and debating what to do. Furthermore, the long shot duration results in the audience willing the male to do something to help the little girl.

It then cuts to the next scene where the male is walking towards the van and the hand-held camera makes it seem more realistic to the audience. The sound score continues the eerie atmosphere and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The location doesn’t stereotypically seem like the place a kidnapped girl would be in as it is a large, grand manor house and seems like a family environment, especially with the swing in the foreground.

A long tracking shot shows the male running towards the van in order to help the girl. A CU reveals someone is coming towards him to get the girl but will her get found? The music intensifies as well. A WA shows the girl being carried away by a person in armour, however she doesn’t seem stressed or worried at all and just lets him carry her. This makes the audience wonder if she was abducted at all?

When at the house, a WA reveals two men dressed in business-like clothes and who try to run away from the male in fear, causing further doubt in the audience’s mind as whether they kidnapped her, however, the male shoots them both believing that he is protecting himself and the little girl. Finally, the music slowly gets louder and a WA that zooms in shows the little girl there terrified, but not at being ‘abducted’ but of the male.

So, what happened?

I think that the two men the male shot were her grandfather and her father and the abduction was just a lesson to make sure she never got herself into that situation in real life.

My Opinion:

I think that the storyline was really creative, however still quite predictable.  It kept the audience on-edge and had a range of shots but still needed more audio to improve and make the scenes more intense.

Media theory:

  • Levi Strauss (Binary oppositions) – GOOD VS EVIL, the hero tries to fight the ‘villain’, however the villain is actually within the hero (which will be a plot twist in my film).
  • Roland Barthes (Enigma theory) – The theory which suggests any text (e.g tv and film) makes the audience question something and intrigues the audience, drawing them in and this film creates questions in the audience’s mind such as, ‘will the girl be okay?’ and which gets resolved at the end of the film.



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