Alone Textual Analysis

Alone is a three minute short thriller film which revolves around a woman having a quiet evening until she hears a report about a serial killer, but is the killer who it would seem to be?

Textual Analysis:

A WA establishes the location that the film is set in a large house but with few people around, conveying danger. A MS shows a woman peacefully reading a book called “the nightmare” foreshadowing the ‘nightmare’ she is about to live. A hand-held shot heading towards the woman makes it appear that someone is coming up behind her which she believed but when she turns around the sinister sound score subsides and there is no one there.

The eerie sound score puts the audience on edge and makes the scene more tense. An ECU of the woman’s book shows the tagline “He sees your darkest dreams, Then he makes them come true” which raises questions in the audience’s mind such as “is she about to live her darkest dreams?”. The peaceful music is interrupted by a radio broadcast that “there is a serial killer on the loose”, causing the woman to panic and shut the doors to protect herself. The radio subsides and intense, eerie music gets loader, connoting danger. A static/hissing sound is heard, possibly from the radio, meaning that the rest of the announcement wasn’t heard. A loose frame around the woman highlights how isolated she is and therefore her vulnerability. In the background the audience can see the door and when someone knocks, it creates panic. The knocking continues loudly, whilst the woman rushes around to find something to defend herself with… a gun. The music intensifies and when she opens the door a MS shows her scream and shoots a delivery person not the serial killer… so who is the serial killer?

She looks around in panic and a MS shows her pulling the person into her home… but the grin on her face reveals to the audience that she is in fact the serial killer. The shot pauses and rewinds through the events until she hears the announcement… the full announcement not the static sound before. “Be aware of her deceiving looks” reinforces that she stereotypically doesn’t look like a murderer, which is what makes her dangerous. Furthermore, the use of black and white highlights that it’s a flashback.

My Opinion:

Overall, I didn’t really like the storyline as it was relatively dull and wasn’t as gripping as I would’ve liked and was quite predictable. I believe that they should’ve had a scene before which would make the woman seem more innocent and ‘normal’, e.g. a scene with her family and even young children which will result in her gaining the audience’s trust.

Media Theory:

  • Levi Strauss (Binary oppositions) – Good VS Bad
  • Roland Barthes (Enigma theory) – The theory which suggests any text (e.g tv and film) makes the audience question something and intrigues the audience, drawing them in. The question “will she die?” is created but revealed at the end when it turns out that she is the murderer.

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