Logan Lucky Film Review Analysis


The film review covers an A4 page with an even image to text ratio and has three columns with flush left to break up the text and make it easier for the audience to read. The image is a screenshot from the film, giving the audience a clearer visual insight into the narrative. The image shows two men with very serious facial expressions and dressed like cowboys, conveying the setting. The male on the right has a prosthetic arm, raising questions to the audience such as: “what happened to him?” and enticing them to watch the film to find out. The characters seem to be in a family environment and don’t blend in at all, also creating questions such as “are they meant to be there?” and this is reinforces by the small text in the bottom right corner of the image to add comedy “this didn’t look like cross stitch for beginners”.

Underneath the bold, black, sans-serif typography with tight tracking title (making it stand out from the bright yellow border surrounding the article) there is a section of information about the film, including: the ‘good’ four star rating which suggests that the film will mostly be positive, the released date, certificate rating, film duration, director, cast and the plot. Moreover, it is written in sans-serif typography to make it seem more factual and to get it to stand out from the main review.

The review itself is written in serif typography making it seem more important and creative. The first three words of the review are written in capitalisation to make it seem to the reader that they are being shouted at and grab their attention before the review has even started as well as using a rhetorical question. The writer instantly begins to praise the director with his “welcome return” with the “well-acted” and “slickly directed” film which already begins to persuade the audience to watch the film. Alliteration is used when praising the actors as well for their “cracking chemistry”  as well as “surprisingly convincing accents” and the “standout performance” from Daniel Craig. Furthermore, the film is described as “hilarious” and a “rarity” connoting that the reader will enjoy the film, especially since it’s unique.

However, the writer does say that the film was only “one draft away from something special” and that the director’s “frenetic working pace” has put that at jeopardy as well as it “not having the impactful ending the build up deserves”. But, the writer leaves the review on a positive that it was “enjoyable”and that the cast is “a pleasure to spend time with” leaving the reader wanting to go watch the film.


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