Eat Locals Film Review Analysis


This page has a total of three film reviews, and one of the reviews received a ‘awful’ star rating, which the review reflects. ‘Eat Locals’ doesn’t even have a quarter of the A4 page, possibly due to its star rating and its IMDb rating of 5.1 out of 10. The page has a bright yellow border around it to capture the reader’s eye. Furthermore, the review for ‘Eat Locals’ has only one short column with flush left making it easy for the reader to read.

Before the review, there is some information about the film, written in black sans-serif typography to make it stand out from the bright yellow border and to make the text seem more informative. It includes the star rating, release date, certificate rating, film duration, director and cast but, it hasn’t given the audience a basic summary of the plot, unlike the large review for The Hitman’s Bodyguard. However, the reader can depict what the film is about due to the title of the film and the image that the writer has selected as it is very dark and gloomy, connoting that the storyline is based around vampires.

Capitalisation is used at the beginning of the article, as the writer has intended to make the reader feel as if they are being shouted at and encapture their attention. The reader immediately gets put off from watching the film by the writer as it is insinuated that the director wasn’t very good and should remain an actor as he’s “unlikely to make a career change”. The writer also explains that the script “awkwardly quotes everything” from different films – ones that the director was in – which conveys to the reader that it is unoriginal. Furthermore, by using the adverb ‘awkwardly’ it suggests that the reader would have a hard time watching the film.

The disappointment of the film is highlighted as it has failed to live up to both the comedy and horror genre as “it neglects to include either laughs or scares”. The negative review continues by connoting that it is an amateur and unprofessional film as the cast seemed that they were “just doing a favour for a friend” and not taking the roles seriously. Finally, the writer directly tells the reader to not watch the film with a sense of humour as “vampires live forever, but you won’t. Spend your time watching something else”.

Overall, I definitely wouldn’t want to watch this film as the review is negative throughout, from the amateur cast, to the awful directing and even an unoriginal script which quotes from other films throughout.



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