Hitman’s Bodyguard Film Review Analysis


The reader can identify the action comedy genre immediately due to the screenshot image from the film, directly giving the reader a visual insight into the narrative. They are both carrying guns however, the male on the right (the very famous actor Ryan Gosling) facial expression conveys his worry as well as both characters holding each other giving a sense of humour already.

The page has three different film reviews on it, however due to ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard” having the highest IMDb rating of 7.2 out of 10 and also being the one that many people have been excited to see, especially because of the very famous actors in the film (drawing in their fan base) it has the biggest review as it can then be in more detail. The page has a bright yellow border, which captures the reader’s eye and makes the black writing and images stand out as well.

The sans-serif information section includes all the key details about the film, including the ‘poor’ star rating which suggests that the film will be negative, certificate rating, length of film, release date, director, cast and the overall plot for the reader to read before the review so they can understand the basis of the film.

The review itself is written in serif typography making it seem more important and creative. The review starts with capitalisation of the first few words, as the writer has intended for the reader to feel as if they are being shouted at which results in the reader being engaged. It is insinuated that the film is predictable as the audience knew “exactly” what was going to happen due to this type of film being ” a Hollywood Staple in the 80s and 90s” from this the reader can depict that the film is unoriginal and ‘out of date’. The italics are used to add emphasis on the word ‘exactly’. Furthermore, the reader will feel “apathy” (a lack of interest) in this film.

However, the writer states that bringing back a film like this is “refreshing” in its simplicity and feels “nostalgic”, this would entice the audience to watch the film, especially people who enjoyed these types of films in the 80s and 90s to bring back memories. However, it seems that the reader may be disappointed by the film because the director never finds the “energy” despite the film looking good on paper.

A pull quote is used when describing the characters in order to not only give the reader an insight into the character but also the relationship between them, “triple A-rated security guard” this suggests that their personalities clash, but still have a sense of humour between them. furthermore, this is reinforced by another pull quote later on “Eat my ass!” “That’s what she said”.

It’s clear to the reader that the film has lived up to the action genre expectations as the violence is “brutal” as well as there being a “high body count” and so if they enjoy the action genre then this is still a film that will interest them. At then end of the review, the writer leaves the reader asking questions as to what happens next with a cliff hanger, which can only be answered by them watching the film.



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