Dunkirk Film Review Analysis


Dunkirk is one of the very few films from Empire Magazine to be rated the ‘Excellent’ 5 stars, which is probably why the film has a two-page spread with four screenshot images and six columns. The orange star rating stands out from the black typography and this will result in capturing the reader’s attention and get them to read it in order to find out why it has been rated five stars. Furthermore, the reader will expect the review to be completely positive.

In the main picture (which takes up the majority of the page) the war theme is established straight away, the men are isolated, with the ocean surrounding them and every person but one, is looking forward or at the floor in terror and nervousness whilst one male is looking up in the sky and central, suggesting that he is the main character. They are all ready to fight, with their armour and guns equipped, creating a sense of danger. Furthermore in the background, there is another ship but is this an enemy ship? On the right there are three equally sized pictures which are snapshots from the film. The pictures all illustrate fear in the facial expressions of the characters.

The title of the film is written in bold, black, sans-serif typography with tight tracking to make it stand out. The information section is also written in black sans-serif typography making it seem more factual. It includes the star rating, release date, certificate rating, film duration, director, cast and the overall plot of the film so the audience can decide whether it is a type of film that they would like to watch.

Capitalisation is used for the first three words in the article to engage the reader immediately. The review is written in black serif typography with tight tracking, the serif typography makes the article seem more important and creative. The ‘excellent’ review begins immediately with the writer praising how the film is made and the use of adjectives reinforce this: ” stunningly rendered and thunderously intense”. The writer also talks about the director and how he “doesn’t bombard us with information” and tells the story through “simple image” and making it a “mood-piece” conveying that when watching the film, the audience will experience many emotions. Later on, the writer also states that the film is “meticulous and mesmerising” highlighting the amount of detail the director has gone into.

The writer constantly emphasises how unique, “different” and “incredible” the film is as well as having the “wow factor”. Because the writer keeps praising the film throughout and using pull quotes to reinforce it, most readers would go watch the film afterwards (me included), especially since he keeps comparing it to other films such as the iconic “Titanic” and more.

Finally, in the overall verdict is highly positive, calling it the “highly intensifying combat thriller” and even compares it to “Jaws” conveying that this film will go down in history as a classic that everyone needs to watch.


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