Atomic Blonde Film Review Analysis


This film review fills an A4 page with an even image to text ratio. It has a three column layout with flush left, making it easier for the audience to read as it breaks up the bulk of text. The image identifies the action thriller genre as well as giving the reader a visual insight into the narrative. Centralised in the picture there is a very fierce-looking woman, beating the stereotypical expectations of women being weak and vulnerable and even that women should be a homemaker and in the kitchen. Yes she is in a kitchen, however, she is fighting two men simultaneously and winning which is highlighted by the male on the left crouched over and in pain while the other male seems to be surrendering. Moreover, her power and authority is illustrated by her looking down upon them.

The information section is written just beneath the bold, black san-serif title which makes it stand out from the bright yellow border. It is also written in black sans-serif typography making it seem more informative. It includes key details about the film: the ‘okay’ star rating. suggesting that the review is going to be more positive than negative, release date, certificate rating, film duration, director, cast and the overall plot to give the reader an idea of whether they would enjoy the film.

The review is written in serif typography making it seem more important and creative. Capitalisation is used for the first three words to grab the reader’s attention as they will believe that they are being shouted at by the writer. The writer connects to the reader automatically due to direct address by using the word “we” and rhetorical questions. Furthermore, a sense of humour is created by the writer suggesting that the directors may know about “growing political tension” as this kind of film is becoming increasingly popular to make. Immediately the writer starts with a positive review as the film is unique and stands out from films similar to it due to it being about “style not substance”.

The writer then begins to review the main character in the film, giving the reader an insight into her character being cold who doesn’t “invite empathy” and even describes her as an “ice queen” whilst her partner is “charmingly unreliable and operating his own agenda”, these two characters seem like the would clash, or will they become close?

The action then becomes the main part to review, with “breathtaking stunts”, “brutal fights” and “car chases” with great camera work. This will entice the reader to watch the film in order to see these amazing action scenes. Furthermore, the writer describes that the film is “unusual” in the sense that you see a “woman get battered to this extent on-screen” and with no one holding back. However, the writer highlights how fierce her character is with “badassitute” and the use of the colloquial language keeps the review friendly and informal for the reader.

Finally, the film is compared against some iconic films including the Bond, Hunt and Bourne films and the writer believes that this film earns a place among them, making the audience decide to go watch the film for themselves (including me).



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