47 Meters Down Film Review Analysis


This page has a total of three different film reviews on it, but to ensure the audience knows where each review starts and ends they are separated using images and the bright yellow line and border which ensures that it captures the audience’s eye. They also have the title of each film written in bold black sans-serif typography which stands out from the border, just in case the audience cannot identify the film using the image above.

47 Meters Down only has an IMDb rating of 5.8 out of 10, and this is why the review is only small as it’s not a popular film.

It has a very dark snapshot image from the film, giving the audience a clear visual insight into the narrative of the film. Furthermore, the dark colours in the image are associated with the thriller genre. The image is taken with a tight frame, implying to the reader that they are isolated and trapped. Furthermore, this is reinforced by nothing else being seen in the background, just the dark blue ocean highlighting how secluded and alone the characters are and fear is show due to the character’s body language. They are in diving clothing and have oxygen tanks, however, will the oxygen run out soon if they can’t get back to the surface? This creates a sense of urgency immediately.

The key information about the film is shown at the beginning, before the review has started in order to give the reader the information that they couldn’t have gathered from the image and to also give the reader a chance to find out if this is the type of film that they’d be interested in watching. It includes the ‘okay’ three star rating, release date, certificate rating, film length, director and cast. However, it hasn’t given a summary of the plot.

Capitalisation is used at the beginning of the review to grab the reader’s attention as they feel as if they are being shouted at. The writer uses alliteration to explain that the story revolves around a “hellish-holiday” as well as comedy through a play on words by calling it a “slaycation”, this results in the audience being drawn in as the writer uses colloquial language. The writer also states similar films so that the audience can decide whether they will enjoy this film depending on what they thought about the others.

The writer uses binary opposition to highlight how what has happened to the characters is both a gift and a curse as the cage is both a “prison” and their “salvation” from the danger that lurks in the water. This raises questions in the reader’s mind such as ‘how are they going to get to the surface safely?’ and entices the audience to watch the film. A pull quote from the film is used to highlight the irony of one of the characters saying how they “wanna stay down here forever” but will she? However, the writer states the negative about the film as it isn’t “character crafting” and that the director wasn’t “aiming for the high art”.


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