Gone Girl Poster Analysis

Gone Girl is a 18 rated, very popular crime thriller film released in 2014 which has a IMDb rating of 8.1 out of 10. The film received 64 awards and was nominated for 179 awards.

gone girl poster


In the foreground of the poster there is a middle-aged male who is looking into the distance, creating questions in the audience mind such as “what or who is he looking for? Possibly the mysterious ‘Gone Girl’?”. A news banner is going across the poster and runs through him suggesting that he is linked to the news report about the ‘search for “amazing”… This also gives the audience an insight into the personality of the ‘gone girl’ character, suggesting that she is a popular and good person.

The setting of the film is established in the background which seems to be relatively secluded due to the lack of buildings and people, however a pylon illustrates that it isn’t totally secluded.

At the top of the poster, in the sky there are presumably the ‘gone girl’s’ eyes looking away and seems quite paranoid and slightly scared also creating questions in the audience’s mind about why she disappeared. Furthermore, because this is placed at the top of the poster this could imply that she is the most important character and aspect of the film.

At the top of the poster the directors previous work is stated as well as the actors in the film, this results in the fans of the actors and the director and their previous work resulting in the audience being drawn in to watch the film. The title is the only piece of text which is in bold and in black (a common convention of the thriller genre), making it stand out more from the other text. The sans-serif typography seems to be disappearing into the clouds behind, just like the ‘gone girl’ did. Furthermore, it could suggest that she is possibly dead as clouds are usually associated with heaven.

The tagline relates to the title as they have used a common saying, however the vital last word is missing, which is in the title: “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE GOT ‘TIL IT’S…” “GONE”.

At the bottom of the poster it has all the information about the film including the release date. There is a website link, hash tag and the production company logo to promote the film and production company.

My Opinion:

My favourite part of this poster is the eyes at the top which blend into the clouds and sky, it highlights the thriller genre and makes the audience question who she is without even seeing the film.

Media Theory:

  • Levi Strauss (Binary oppositions) – The eyes and tagline relate to the quote ‘expect the unexpected’.
  • Roland Barthes (Enigma theory) – The theory which suggests any text (e.g tv and film) makes the audience question something and intrigues the audience, drawing them in. The eyes at the top of the poster will make the audience question who that the character is.

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