Seven Poster Analysis

Seven is a 18 rated crime thriller film released in 1995. It has a IMDB rating of 8.6 out of 10. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman star in it as the hero’s and Kevin Spacey as the villain. It is a very popular classic film.

Seven poster .jpg


The poster itself has been colour corrected to give it a yellow tint, making it seem old-fashioned and rugged. The font is all yellow as well, which actually results in the bottom paragraph being slightly hard to read. The title of the film and the actors starring in the film is written in white typography, suggesting innocence and stands out due to the yellow background. Another reason for this could be to make the actors stand out as they are both very famous actors and this will attract their fan base to watch the film.

Centralised in the poster are ‘seven’ words, ‘gluttony’, ‘greed’, ‘sloth’, ‘envy’, ‘ wrath’, ‘pride’ and ‘lust’, creating a direct link to the narrative of the film and intriguing the audience. Moreover, each word has been crossed out in red (symbolic of danger, violence and blood), connoting that they have been crossed off due to the murder of someone who committed this sin. Furthermore, the tagline “Seven deadly sins. Seven ways to die” reinforces the narrative and conveys to the audience that these seven sin has led to the death of seven people in the film.

The protagonist’s faces cover the majority of the poster, highlighting their importance and key roles in the film. They both have an even amount of coverage on the poster, implying that they have even roles in the film.

My Opinion:

The rustic feel of the poster is my favourite aspect, especially with the grainy effect.

Media Theory:

  • Roland Barthes (Enigma theory) – The theory which suggests any text (e.g tv and film) makes the audience question something and intrigues the audience, drawing them in. The main question that will be raised to the audience is ‘will the murderer get away with it? Or will they get caught?’.

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