Lucy Poster Analysis

‘Lucy’ is a 15 rated sci-fi, action thriller film released in 2014. It has an IMDB rating of 6.4 out of 10. Scarlett Johansson stars as the main character Lucy (who would have guessed). She is a popular actor who has been in many films but is most famous for being in the Marvel film ‘The Avengers’. Morgan Freeman is also in this film and he is very famous and has won many awards and honours.


The genre of the film (action thriller) is established immediately due to the sans-serif typography seeming to explode on the last letter. Furthermore, the use of mainly dark colours in the background juxtaposes against the white typography, which is a common convention of the thriller genre, it could also symbolise innocence fighting against dark and evil.

The picture itself is a direct link to the narrative as it shows the protagonist of the film in an ECU and breaking the fourth wall by directly looking into the camera and capturing the audience’s attention immediately by making them feel uncomfortable (another convention of the thriller genre). The protagonists eye is multi-coloured, also capturing the audience’s attention due to making them ask questions such as ‘why are her eyes like that?’, ‘what’s happened to her?’ and even ‘is she human?’.

The overlay of chemistry symbols in the top left corner create a direct link to the narrative and the audience can therefore make the link between this and the colour of her eyes, making them wonder ‘is there something wrong with her DNA to make her eyes that colour?’ but they will have to watch the film in order to find out how her DNA changed, giving the audience enough information to entice them to watch it but not enough to spoil the storyline.

The tagline “The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity. Today she will hit 100%.” gives the audience yet another insight to the narrative. Furthermore, it stands out due to being a bright orange colour against the dark background to highlight its importance, thus inferring that it is an important aspect of the storyline.

The actors names are written in bold with loose tracking. Due to both the actors being very popular, their names are large in order to draw their fans in to watch the film and therefore increase the amount of people who see the film, resulting in more revenue for the production company.

Underneath the title, it states the genre of the film to make it clear to the audience, enabling them to decide if it is a type of film that they would like to see. As well as this, it also promotes the director of the film and gives examples of their previous works, drawing in the fans of their previous work.

At the bottom of the poster, there are links to the internet, twitter and a hashtag to promote the film further as well as the production company.

My Opinion:

The ECU is very effective as it immediately draws in the audience’s attention, especially due to the direct address from Lucy.

Media Theory:

  • Roland Barthes (Enigma theory) – The theory which suggests any text (e.g tv and film) makes the audience question something and intrigues the audience, drawing them in. The colour correction of Lucy’s eye raises questions such as “What happened to her?” and even questions such as “Is she human?”.

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