I Am Legend Poster Analysis

I Am Legend is a thriller film released in 2007 with an IMDb rating of 7.2 out of 10 with the famous actor Will Smith starring in the film as the hero.


The narrative and setting of the film is shown immediately and clearly to the audience, especially due to the mise-en-scene of the Brooklyn Bridge which has collapsed, conveying an apocalypse to the audience which is reinforced by only having one person in the poster who seems isolated with no other sign of life other than his dog, as well as the tint of yellow resulting in the poster looking old and run-down like the buildings. Furthermore, the gun in the protagonist’s hand conveys that he is fighting against something and possibly fighting for his life, but what against exactly? This draws the audience’s attention straight away and will result in them watching the film.

The tagline ‘The last man on Earth is not alone” reinforces the isolation of the main character and entices the audience to watch the film as it creates questions that the audience will want answered, ‘why is he alone?’ and ‘if he’s not alone then who or what else is there?’.

The dark colours of the poster conform to the codes and conventions of the thriller genre as well as using white for ‘Will Smith’ juxtaposing between the typography and the background. The white writing could symbolise that Will Smith’s character is innocent and the hero of the film, fighting the darkness and evil. Furthermore, his name fills the top of the poster due to the loose tracking of the serif typography, connoting that he is very important in the narrative of the film.

My favourite part of the poster is the slightly hidden text going down the middle of the poster which is a quote and a very important aspect from the film, “if anybody is out there, anybody please, you are not alone, my name is Robert Neville, I am broadcasting on all frequencies, I am a survivor living in New York City” and so on… It gives the audience a slightly hidden hint to the narrative which is very unique.

At the very bottom of the poster there is a link to a website, promoting the film and the production company.

My Opinion:

My favourite part of this poster is the ‘hidden’ quote down the centre of the poster that is from the film itself which gives the audience a vital insight into the narrative of the film.  Furthermore, the yellow overlay gives the poster a post-apocalyptic feel.

Media Theory:

  • Roland Barthes (Enigma theory) – The theory which suggests any text (e.g tv and film) makes the audience question something and intrigues the audience, drawing them in. Due to the narrative of the film the audience will immediately be question whether there are other survivors or is the main character is on his own and if he will survive.

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