Baby Driver Film Review Analysis

Baby Driver is action thriller film released in 2017, directed by Edgar Wright and has the very popular actor Ansel Elgort from “The Fault In Our Stars”, drawing in his fans to watch the film.


The image is very large, covering more than a page whilst the text ratio is a lot smaller, however, this can be due to the fact that it’s the first page in its “ON.SCREEN” issue. The image is a screenshot from the film and therefore hints to the narrative. Furthermore, in the image the main character is holding a gun, clarifying the action genre immediately. “Baby on board” is written in small in the corner of the image, creating a sense of irony of the stereotypical family cars with the stickers ‘protecting’ their children, whilst the character is actually called “Baby” and is a driver for people committing crimes… polar opposites.

All of the titles are written in sans-serif font (making it bolder) with tight tracking whilst the main body of text is written in serif font, making the main text seem more important. Before the main review there is a box of the star rating, release date, certificate rating, duration, director of the film, the cast and a small overall plot of the film. This means that the audience can clearly see all of the key details of the film.

In the overall plot, the writer leaves it on a cliff hanger and a question to get the audience intrigued. This means that the audience will want to go to see the film to find out whether ‘Doc lets his prize driver go that easily’. Moreover, this reinforces the 5 star film rating as the writer is encouraging the audience to go see the ‘excellent’ film and not spoil the ending for them.

Serif font is used for the main bulk of text, which is regarded as intricate and classy and Empire is a very recognised magazine with a good reputation. Furthermore, there are two columns in the article, with very small column width.

At the beginning of the article the first line is in capitalisation, suggesting that the writer is intending on the reader to feel as if they are being shouted at, engaging them immediately and grabbing the audience’s attention. Immediately the writer begins to phrase the director “lighting bolt of an idea” and called it “one of the most utterly original films” making the audience intrigued and gasping to watch the unique “car-chase opera”.

Many pull quotes are used throughout to describe what happens in the film, and give the audience an insight into the film. There are a few widows and two orphans in the article, meaning that it is considered poor typography as it leaves too much white space between paragraphs or the bottom of the page.

The writer once again phrases the director for when he “kicks off the final glorious hour of tightly choreographed eye-orgy of violence, action, drama and, yes, love.” which adds a sense of humour to the article. Moreover, ‘kicks off’ is ironic due to the link between kicking and the action genre.

At the very end of the article in bold the writer gives an overall verdict of the film, within which he truly expresses his love for the narrative of the film and the director and states at the very end, “you won’t see a film like it this year.” reinforcing how unique and “utterly original” it is and this will most likely make the audience want to go see it.





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