My Film Noir

We decided to focus on the femme fatale narrative of the film noir “genre”. We used red lipstick on the character as in many film noirs the women had red lipstick on as a sign of danger and love. Moreover, she was dressed in a skirt and heels, representing the stereotypical clothing for women.

Lighting is a vital aspect of film noir and we stuck to the conventions of high-key lighting with intense shadows and shot in an urban environment.

When editing, I decided to put grain and dust over the footage in order to make it more realistic to the time that film noirs started, as their camera quality was poor in that time. Furthermore, I made all the footage black and white and changed the contrast to make it brighter in order to make the shadows more intense. Cross-dissolve was used to conform to the “femininity” aspect of the film as it made it softer and slowed down the pace.


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