My Chosen Brief: Short Film

I have decided to create a short film as I have a love of films and will hopefully be involved in the film industry in the future. Making a short film will give me experience and an insight into the industry and also advance my technical skills such as camera work, sound, editing and mise-en-scene from my title sequence in AS. I also would love to do film studies at university, therefore meaning that doing a short film will be very beneficial, giving me experience and extending my skills.

Furthermore, I love the idea of being able to leave my main task on a cliff hanger which many short films do. This will draw in the audience and impact them immensely and ask questions such as “what will happen next?” etc and therefore result it in being a memorable short film.

I ruled out the advertising brief immediately as I would have to include the business side to it, by making a suitable product. As well as this, I’d have to create a radio advert but I’m not fully advanced in audio yet.

As I will be working independently I’m excited that I can create my vision and execute it how I would like. Moreover, it will eliminate any differences of opinion and I can get the work done when I would like to and hopefully have time to edit or change anything in my video if needed/wanted.

My chosen ancillary texts are:

  • ›A poster for the film
  • A film magazine review page featuring the film



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