Initial Ideas

I came up with an idea for my continuity task in AS Media of a chase scene, however, we never used the idea. From this, I have decided to develop the idea to make it an action thriller.

It will be based around a male character who narrates at first talking about his ‘normal’ life and how its ‘bliss’ to him, especially after the ‘incident’ even though most people believe that normal is ‘boring’. What happened in his past will come back to haunt him and he receives anonymous text messages and calls and even pictures of his girlfriend and him going about their daily routine. He then gets followed by the anonymous person which is when the chase scene begins, however, throughout the scene there will be flashbacks to the ‘incident’ which turns out to be a murder. It will then finish with him going home and his girlfriend asking about his day, but behind her through the window is the anonymous person looking right at him. This is when I will leave the short film on a cliff hanger.

My mind map of the idea in detail


Mood board

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Main influences

In the film ‘Hush’ I was inspired by the scene which the protagonist gets sent a picture of herself and therefore lets her know that she’s not alone. I would love to use this idea but change it slightly to fit with my idea and then have the chase scene continue.

It is shown here in the trailer 50 seconds in:


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