My Opening Title Sequence From AS And Personal Development Review


My opening title sequence opens with ‘ICE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS’ in bold white typography against a black background which creates a binary opposition between innocence and purity VS evil and darkness. The sound score creates an eerie atmosphere. The EXU of the antagonist’s eyes looking straight into the lens (breaking the fourth wall) makes the audience feel uncomfortable and on-edge, furthermore, the high-pitched non-diegetic screeching sound effects also do this.

Later on the diegetic creepy child-like laugh also makes the audience uncomfortable. Moreover, the antagonist is clearly a teenager however, she is dressed as a child, wearing pink which is a colour associated with young girls and therefore suggests to the audience that the antagonist is mentally unstable. This becomes clear when the antagonist throws the red lipstick (which is symbolic of danger) and then a cut reveals her as a completely different character, highlighting her split personality disorder which is shown through a MS.

Next, a BEV shot reveals the antagonist’s dark intentions. A ECU of the character’s hands crossing out a female’s face in red implies to the audience that the antagonist has murdered her. The sound effects get louder and more intense, making it nearly unbearable for the audience to listen to. The ‘Target” page at the end illustrates that she has intentions to murder more victims, but will she do it? The audience never find out as the title sequence is left on a cliff hanger, leaving them with many unanswered questions and ensures that the audience will carry on watching.




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